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The F-Word
brought to you by UNBSJ's GEND 2001 class
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9th-Dec-2005 07:22 pm(Oops! No Subject!)
In the movie, "A League of Their Own" there was a female baseball team formed while the men were at war. The uniforms that the 'ladies' had to wear looked more like a dress with skimpy little shorts under, i don't think shorts is the right word to use, they were smaller, also the girls had to attend a beauty and charm school. Sure let them out of the kitchen and play a man's sport but be a proper lady while sliding into a base and cutting your legs all up because ladies wear dresses...Still, I love this movie, it is great!!!!
28th-Nov-2005 07:15 pm - Bitch Magazine
So one of the many feminist magazines is called 'bitch magazine' 'feminist response to pop culture'. I guess their slogan it, It's a noun. It's a verb. It's a magazine. it is an interesting site.
I am still not sure about my thoughts on the name yet so I'm going to leave this one open to discussion.
28th-Nov-2005 07:12 pm(Oops! No Subject!)
Feminist music (or Women's music). Pop music with lyrics written from a feminist perspective and usually, but not exclusively, sung for feminist audiences. The description has also been applied generally to pop music performed by groups whose membership - ie, all, or in the majority, women - implies a statement of self-determination. Employing folk, rock, punk, reggae and rap styles, women's music has given voice to the issues raised by the feminist movement of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Subject matter includes childbirth, parenthood, sexual orientation, violence against women and children, and discrimination and equality in the workplace.
28th-Nov-2005 05:53 pm - Something of Interest
Hi All,

Just thought I would pass along this UNBSJ event of interest. I noticed today, set up in the lobby of the New Residence was a booth on sexual health. Although it may not be open to all university students it may be worth checking out. The booth provides several pamphlets and information sheets on topics including Birth Control, HIV, AIDS and other STD's. I'm not sure but I'm guessing it is put on/sponsored by The Health Clinic, The Women's Resource Center and/or Residence Council.
25th-Nov-2005 03:01 pm - Deserves Our Thumbs Up
This is a profile I found in UNB libraries. Dorothy Shaw of UBC has long been promoting women's sexual and reproductive rights. She has been campaigning for over 30 years as she moved her way up the medical and academic ranks. Congrats!

textCollapse )
25th-Nov-2005 01:49 pm - How Feminist Ideology Deals ...
...This piece is a response to Foetal/Maternal Conflict. The article brought to my attention what women (my mother & grandmothers) endured prior to and during the 1970's as the concept of Women's Rights developed. A woman's role was to be a "childbearer, nurturer and homemaker" during this time and such gender/social confinement of women urks me.

Many feminist writers relate the issue of reproductive control to the public/private dichotomy. This view of society attributes to males the values of rationality and objectivity, whilst ascribing the irrational, the subjective and the natural, to women. Collapse )
Teen pregnancy and early childbearing are complex issues which have attracted a great deal of attention from service providers, educators, and policy makers in recent years.Experience and research clearly indicate that adolescent pregnancy is associated with a variety of factors-Collapse )

...Here at UNBSJ there seems to be strong support for the students in relation to their health and wellness.

A recent addition of the Student Health Center has been greatly received by students and faculty alike. A nurse and/or doctor are available frequently for general medical attention but also have numerous inquiries in relation to sexual health for both males and females. Check out UNB's website for more information http://www.unbsj.ca/studentservices/healthcentre/

UNBSJ also provide daily counselling services located in Oland Hall. Several students choose to seek guidance on a number of issues relating to either personal, academic or their career. Lana Davis is the counsellor on campus and she can be reached through the following link http://www.unbsj.ca/studentservices/counselling/index.html

A Women's Resource Center is also located on campus in the top floor of the student center. It provides information on various aspects of sex and sexuality, contraception and abortion. Primarily run on a volunteer basis, the center provides significant support and materials to students, primarily females, who comes to them with questions and concerns. Further information and contacts for the Women's Resource Center can be found by visiting either the Student Health Center or speaking with a counsellor.
25th-Nov-2005 12:20 am - Feminism To Me
Instead of relying on a textbook answer or providing some sort of website to assist me, I would like to attempt to define feminism myself. Or at least tell you why I decide Feminism as the F-Word was something I wanted to explore.

First of all, I believe feminism is just part of being human and specifically part of being female. In a just world I believe we do all want political, economic and social equality for both sexes, not one more powerful than the other. Feminism is also outright activity on behalf of women's rights and interests but not in a negative way. The only reason feminism can be defined as being on the behalf of women is because women's were not and are still not equal to men in terms of political, economic and social outlooks. Feminism is the attempt to find equal playing ground for men, women and all members of the gender prism through outreach, information and education.

Lastly, I probably joined this group and their topic because I believe in equality for both men and women. I didn't know much about Feminism but I have an interest in it and what it stands for (by my personal definition). I also understand that there are negative connotations that traditionally go along with feminism so I wanted to help raise awareness on campus and also within myself. Being female...I am part of the gendered race.
25th-Nov-2005 12:04 am - F-Word Ezine
This is a fellow university student's creation that was originally a continuation of her workshops on feminist theory. They do explain that the opinions presented in this Ezine reflect the authors themselves and that the site does not deal with facts and statistics but with individual's experiences. It tends to appeal to more of a young women crowd considering the authors are of the same age group. Unique articles that relate to GEND 2001, UNBSJ and this project include the Sexuality & Gender section and the International Feminims.

Click Here http://www.thef-wordzine.com/
24th-Nov-2005 11:43 pm - Online Health Center
Feminisit Women's Health Center

"We have a vision of a world where all women freely make their own decisions regarding their bodies, reproduction and sexuality - a world where women can fulfill their own unique potential and live healthy whole lives."

An interactive site that provides information on topics ranging from abortion to birth control to menopause. A site truly dedicated to females that offers advice, statistics and news from reliable sources with a modern feminist touch.

Click Here http://www.fwhc.org/
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