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The F-Word

brought to you by UNBSJ's GEND 2001 class

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You've reached a section of a project maintained by members of The University of New Brunswick's (Saint John) Gender Studies 2001 class. Our goal is to promote discussion about Feminism and gender equality issues, including how they relate to "prisms". Spade & Valentine (The Kaleidoscope of Gender, 2004, pp 1) refer to prisms as "socially constructed categories of difference and inequality through which our lives are reflected or shaped into patterns of daily experience."

Although this is an academic project, we encourage an informal atmosphere. You DO NOT have to be a UNB student to join; however we would prefer members from the province of New Brunswick, as well as current and past UNB students. Any comments, questions, etc can be directed to the Moderators by email.

Please note that this community is moderated and has codes of conduct to ensure a comfortable environment.

Code of Conduct:

Please ensure you read, understand, and agree to comply to the information below prior to joining. These guidelines have been largely influenced by the feminist community.

Language: Phobic language is unacceptable in this community. The moderators will freeze and/or delete comments that are racist, misogynist, homophobic/biphobic/transphobic/queerphobic, classist, ablist, or discriminatory on the basis of religion (discussion based on problematic issues within the institutions concerning gender equality or other "prismatic" issues are acceptable as long as they are not deemed to be discriminatory - note this will be at the moderators' discretion). The moderators will issue former warnings and will ban repeat offenders if deemed necessary. The community supports the reclaiming of language by the people it has been used against, and consideration will be given to this type of usage. Please consult the moderators for more information and/or examples.

Survivor-Blaming: Those who engage in blaming the survivors of rape and other violent crimes may be subject to immediate banning at the discretion of the moderators.

"Trigger" Warnings: Posts that discuss eating disorders, sexual violence, domestic violence, and related subjects should contain a line that warns of possible triggers at the beginning of the post. Some members who have had experience with the above subjects may find certain discussions emotionally and/or psychologically traumatic to discuss and may choose not to read.

Lj-cut: Large images, images containing graphic content, long posts, and posts containing graphic content and/or "Triggers" should be placed behind an lj-cut with suitable labelling. If you do not know what an lj-cut is, please consult the Livejournal FAQ written here

Personal Arguments and Attacks: Your idea is stupid: acceptable. You're stupid: unacceptable. It is best for a user to contact a member of the moderating team for assistance if he or she feels attacked by another user; please provide URLs. Personal arguments are not to take place on the community. Arguments, in terms of discussing differing ideas, are acceptable and encouraged as long as the ideas proposed are not in violation of conduct guidelines.

Comments: The act of deleting comments is something that is not approved, except in cases of correcting typos or other errors. Please specify in the re-posting of your comment why you deleted the first post. Keep comments enabled on all topic posts. Comment screening is strictly prohibited. In addition, thread freezing is reserved for moderator discretion only.

Disagreement in Moderating related decisions: These should not take place on the boards. If you have questions about conduct guidelines or disagree with the moderators’ decisions, please email the moderators.