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The F-Word
brought to you by UNBSJ's GEND 2001 class
Feminism To Me 
25th-Nov-2005 12:20 am
Instead of relying on a textbook answer or providing some sort of website to assist me, I would like to attempt to define feminism myself. Or at least tell you why I decide Feminism as the F-Word was something I wanted to explore.

First of all, I believe feminism is just part of being human and specifically part of being female. In a just world I believe we do all want political, economic and social equality for both sexes, not one more powerful than the other. Feminism is also outright activity on behalf of women's rights and interests but not in a negative way. The only reason feminism can be defined as being on the behalf of women is because women's were not and are still not equal to men in terms of political, economic and social outlooks. Feminism is the attempt to find equal playing ground for men, women and all members of the gender prism through outreach, information and education.

Lastly, I probably joined this group and their topic because I believe in equality for both men and women. I didn't know much about Feminism but I have an interest in it and what it stands for (by my personal definition). I also understand that there are negative connotations that traditionally go along with feminism so I wanted to help raise awareness on campus and also within myself. Being female...I am part of the gendered race.
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